Add Cedros to Portal

Hello Serum forums!

We have been working on taking all that is great in Solana and making it feel easy and native for Latin American users. Building out the serum GUI in Spanish, and now recently added the VAMM perps from Bonfida into the UI as well. We would like to integrate more, or help other projects deliver their products to the Spanish speaking audience.

We have a strong belief of Solana being able to onboard a billion users to crypto. With Cedros helping bring in the new digitally native youth of LATAM to help with that goal. We have an abundance of young working people that are technologically curious and up taking personal financial movements in the region from the political instabilities exacerbated by the pandemic. Trying to take solana products, give a little simplicity of UI ease and delivering the best education and documentation, we feel like we can spark a fire for Solana in Latin America.

Cedros currently is just a UI standing on the shoulders of giants. We hope with some time and growing our team and the local community we can also add new and unique products to the ecosystem.

Please let us know what we need to do to be added to the portal. And we look forward to connecting with all of you and pushing everything forward.


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I don’t know about the process of adding DEXs to the portal but projects like this should be encouraged given a vetting process of sorts, such as audit of front end code, if possible and appropriate.

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Hey Jiang!
Our forks of the UIs are able to be seen on our Github. Feel free to take a look.

I don’t think a DAO vote is necessary to add frontends to the portal. I think any open source UI should be eligible to be added on the portal.

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Open source may be the deciding criterion, yeah.

I think a greater discussion maybe should be had about all potential vectors of attack (and where an audit may be appropriate, if anywhere), maybe in another forum post.

Thank you Cedros team for the Github! We’ll take a look :+1: