Atrix SRM Grant Proposal

Hey guys, I’m a core dev at Serum. I wanted to step in and mention that I can confirm that theo and kaiba are different people. While i’m not familiar with the details of their situation, the extent to which they work together and collaborate is not that uncommon in crypto and open source software development in general. I can see why this collaboration between the two projects may result in them labelled as a ‘single team’ by some and as ‘two distinct teams that work together’ by others. Ultimately, the notion of a “team” is going to be fluid in a space like crypto where everything is decentralized and anonymous.

I think that Raydium’s main point is that Almond is a farm that solely benefits Atrix regardless of whether or not you can consider them the same “team” or not. I agree that Almond is not really decentralized in this way and that it would be great if Almond could incorporate RAY LP tokens or even have the ability to permissionlessly add LP tokens from various projects. I can see why they wanted to point this fact out, though I think the incessant back and forth around technicalities of the word “team” is no long necessary.

I think that both sides have valid points but that regardless of your view, but I don’t think this debate is conducive of a productive governance conversation. I would like to ask you guys to take this debate off of the forums, thanks.