Can we address a few things? Atrix/raydium

Atrix and raydium are both closed source. Why does this seems acceptable? Can atrix please explain in detail along with raydium why their pool/swap source code is closed? Seems to be the minimum they can do for the ecosystem as they’re looking for those srm grants


From a different thread:

Atrix is one of the largest contributors to the Serum ecosystem in terms of TVL, productive liquidity, and upcoming ecosystem project integrations, so saying open sourcing is the “minimum they can do for the ecosystem” ignores all our major contributions.

I’m sure @AlphaRay is committed to open-sourcing Raydium in the near future too.

I see. I wouldn’t except an update from raydium. I’ve asked on their group for more than 8 months for this and nothing has happened on that regard.

Thanks for clarifying the atrix stance on this matter.


One week no response @AlphaRay. Verysad sight. What happen to open defi spirit?

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2 months later, ATRIX source code is still closed.

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@fortuneteller has a good point.

Raydium is (essentially) unmaintained, moving at an extremely slow pace (see “discussion” here from on their failure to execute on a year-old roadmap)

Similarly, atrix does not seem to be equipped to ship at a pace that is adequate for this industry.

Welcome to Solana!

@kaiba open source wen