Grant for adding Closeable permissioned markets to serum v3

Hi, myself and Tom from Foresight added support from closeable permissioned markets. This PR will allow permissioned markets to be disabled and to redeem the rent exempt Sol used for the event queue, request queue, bid and ask queues. It’s been a feature long requested by many in the community building on top and serum and we were very happy to be able to make this PR.

The work breakdown was: I made the changes to the dex program and also created an example permissioned markets program in anchor to test the close markets functionality and make sure it worked as expected. Tom wrote the TS tests that made sure the close market functionality worked as expected in a wide array of test cases.

It would be great if it was possible to get a grant for this work.


As discussed offline, I think a ~13,500 SRM grant would be appropriate for this. This feature will be immediately useful for projects like PsyOptions that are creating many ephemeral markets that need to be closed to redeem rent exemption SOL.


We support Armani’s suggestion of a 13500 SRM grant; this adds useful functionality for Serum. Thanks for adding the feature!

Support, this will be very useful in the ecosystem.

Thanks for the positive response. We added this as a governance proposal. Please vote! Thanks

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Just a reminder to vote on our grant please!