Gui rebate to help Serum earn its part of the $60B daily volume

We are building a gui on top of serum ( with 20% gui rebate on the fees. Our operating costs are at least $1000 per month so to break-even we need:

[$1000]/[0,2*0,0004]=$1,25M in trading volume per month

Startups who wants to leverage Serum’s liquidity through innovation will simply be strangled. These people are chewing glass every day with zero salary so we would really appreciated a 40% or even 50% gui rebate.

The crypto volume is $60B per day and the more devs innovate on top of Serum the more Serum will capture of the $60B. Quite frankly, the future of Serum’s revenue streams shouldn’t come from extracting value of those who helped it scale. There are other lucrative solutions such as arbitrage, DeFi and IDOs.

Hopefully someone with higher powers will read our concerns. Thanks.

Hi there,

I am curious about you cost. Can you break them down?