Help Get $SRM Listed As An Asset on Jet Protocol via Governance

Hi Serum community!

This is James from Jet Protocol - we’re reaching out to the community here to see if anyone would be interested in carrying the flag forward on this application that was started for SRM last October. Add SRM as collateral for Jet Protocol - Onboarding - Jet Protocol Forum

We have a formal (and specific) application process which needs to be applied to the asset application - we just need someone to take up doing the small bit of research and filling it out. We’re happy to help support this with any questions as well.

A recent example of a completed application for wrapped SOL can be found here: SOBTC Application - HackMD

If anyone is interested in getting started on this let us know how we can be helpful! You’re welcome to reply in-line on this post, start chatting with us on the forum or reach out to me pretty much anywhere @jrmoreau.


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