Liquidity Mining Program

agree. good, glad we got there

So if we added liquidity to Raydium we would get additional Serum rewards over this period?

Obviously the USDC/x pools are very important to have and probably some of the hardest to attract liquidity to because SOL is doing so well and IL would be high on these pools. So I understand why they would be rewarded well.

I think it would be good to time these rewards with the bull market since that’s when this sort of liquidity will be the most important and hardest to attract to USDC/X pools.

I’m not sure if 10% apy will make a huge difference because holding sol is more lucrative than USDC/x with an extra 10% apy… but there are always people who farm yield who might come in for stuff like that I guess.

Aren’t a lot of those TVL values actually also Serum? Like Raydium/Solfarm/etc? Not all of solfarm is in Serum but a large amount of it is. All of Raydium’s TVL is serum too right? Other than staked Ray and a few other things. Or am I misunderstanding things?