Powered by Serum Branding by Grant Recipients

Brand awareness is critical for Serum’s mission: we want traders to know they are trading on Serum; we want developers to know that building on Serum is an excellent choice. These goals go hand-in-hand.

With these two goals in mind, I propose the following:

Protocols participating in Serum’s SRM Liquidity Mining program should, as a requirement for participation, display prominently in their website and frontend (UI) that their product/offering is “Powered by Serum”.

A standardized branding graphic (or set of) could be proposed for this purpose.

The branding graphic and its placement does not need to be visually intrusive.

The branding graphic should be displayed on all UIs / frontend pages that offer a service that is, indeed, powered by Serum (even if the Serum-powered service is aggregated among multiple services, etc).



This further reinforces the need for LM grants to be delivered piecemeal as a way of retaining some incentive for accountability.

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Second you there, @MJP. Grants given over time upon deliverables and milestones.

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Absolutely. Looking forward in general to grants that emphasize explicit milestones.

Anyone interested in contributing a potential graphic for this purpose? I’ll see what we can muster up on our end :hugs: :art: