[Process improvement, feedback requested] DAO voting period

Hi everyone,

In order to make some incremental progress in the DAO and how it evaluates proposals, how does the community feel about extending the voting period from 3 days to 7 days. I think its a good idea we get more time to evaluate and discuss anything that gets put to the DAO. given we are from all around the globe, I think this makes sense. What do you think?

I don’t think this is the only improvement that can be made, but lets start moving in the right direction. The DAO has some big decisions to make in the coming months, so lets all give ourselves the best foundation to receive, review and then vote on all these things :slight_smile:


Agree strongly with this. Most important thing in the early days imho is not just to make the right decisions, but allow for the appropriate time so that those decisions are also made by as many people as possible. Participation will always be voluntary, so optimizing for greater participation vs speed of decisions is better as we grow in these early days. Form my experience with other DAOs, speed is something that you ultimately sacrifice for more decentralized governance, but this bodes well in the longer term for the community.

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We would support this as well.
It’s better to take time to make the right decisions.

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Ditto. Making the voting period longer is a step in the right direction.

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