Serum 2022: What do you want to see happen?

Hey everybody. Happy New Year to you, I hope you all enjoy health and success in 2022.

I wanted to ask the hivemind here, what sort of things do you think would be the best things for the Serum DAO to pursue in 2022. What do you want to see built?

I hope this provokes a healthy discussion, and for every suggestion we get people explaning the WHY! they think something is a good idea, and maybe the HOW they would work towards their idea


I don’t know maybe Serum latest video having 500 views on youtube would be huge…it doesn’t have to be 500 different persons only 500 different device. I have learnt to set my expectations very low thanks to Serum.

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You could start by adressing all the issues about Tokenomics in the neighboring topic. The one that has the most views on this forum.