Serum tokenomics

Good day,

I am a small time investor in Serum and the project and it’s potential excites me.
However, most people i know who are invested in crypto hesitate to put their money in Serum because of the seemingly high max supply(10bn). While Serum has an active burn mechanism and most of the supply won’t ever enter circulation, i believe the team needs to make an effort to ensure the general public knows about the tokenomics in detail.
Just the other day on the solana subreddit this guy went on about Serums high inflation rate and how it was extremely overvalued. I kept trying to explain to him that he was wrong but he kept bringing up numbers that were hard to argue with(only 10 percent of the total supply in circulation, around 4 mil tokens given to devs each day
Therefore, in my opinion, an update in the form of a thread on Twitter will do a world of good and bring alot more retail attention towards Serum.