[Tokenomics] ideas of the serum token usage

What tokenomic is best suit for serum?

Besides being a DAO token to vote on network parameters,

Maybe the token can also do something like FTT?(you can stake it to reduce the platform fee)

Put your thoughts here to incentive people holding serum!

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You already get reduced trading fees simply by holding SRM…

I guess that changing it to where you must stake the SRM in order to have this benefit wouldn’t hurt. However, I feel like this change wouldn’t have much of a long term impact (to make it worth implementing).

Is there a way that we can look to generate yield on it for users…maybe working to get it on Celsius or another platform that can generate yield.

You can deposit it on FTX for yield, Mango also.

but yes, more places accepting it as collateral would be great

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is that on just FTX or also FTX| US ?

On FTX you need to have a minimum holding of FTT in order to participate in coin offering. I’d like them to change their criteria so holding a certain amount of Serum allows to participate to IEO. It would be a good use of Serum.