Use Streamflow for grant distribution

We are proposing for Serum to adopt Streamflow’s Realms integration to handle all Serum’s future grant needs.

About Streamflow Finance

Hi, I’m Malisha, Founder & CEO at Streamflow.

Streamflow is a token distribution platform that enables organizations and individuals to distribute tokens in a simple & straightforward manner.

We developed Streamflow to take the pain out of vested token grants for teams. Our protocol, SDK, application, and recent integration with Realms serve to make vesting a transparent, secure, and streamlined process on Solana.

Streamflow is the market leader in token vesting on Solana:

  • $130+ million TVL at the moment
  • Multiple (regular) security audits
  • Used by Hubble, Tulip, Genopets, Grape, Heavenland, and many, many more.


While speaking with @jhl we came to a conclusion that Serum would benefit from distributing SRM grants in tranches over time instead of a one-off big transaction. This will also keep grantees accountable and would allow Serum to cancel the grant if things go south.

We propose that Serum uses Streamflow’s Realms integration to achieve that and fulfill all vesting needs.

This will ensure that payments are transparent, secure and additionally allow for:

  • Progressive unlock
  • Automatic transfer of vested tokens (tranches) directly to recipient wallets (i.e. no claiming)
  • Highly customizable configuration of amount, initial release (cliff), and vesting frequency
  • Cancellation of the token grant (in case the grantee underdelivers)

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up vested token grants.


We have integrated with Realms to offer vesting streams and we believe our integration provides significant improvements for Serum.

We are excited to work with the Serum community and will be available to respond to all questions and contributions with regard to our proposal and Streamflow.

This is our v1 of Realms integration and we’ll work on improving this integration (based on the feedback and as we roll out different features, such as CSV upload for bulk distribution)

Learn more about Streamflow Finance;

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seems really cool but whats the difference between this and the token grant in the governance UI that already exists? Is it just that you run a keeper to automate the claiming of tokens?

Hi it’s Marky here from Hubble. Think that’s a great idea to use Streamflow, with potential benefits for both Serum & whoever gets the grant, via the flexible mgmt capabilities that Streamflow has.

Streamflow has proved to be a reliable partner for us: we use them for token vesting & streaming. Super happy with both the team collaboration and the platform capabilities, which has been a good value-add for Hubble.

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I like this but…what the difference? now its all on chain and automated, so is the difference with paarcels it up and adds a timelock element?

If it costs Serum nothing the only downside is extra smart contract risk being added, but as you say it has TVL testing it already

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, I was OOO and AFK, so lots of things to catch up with!

Thank you Marky for the kind words, it’s been a pleasure working with Hubble!

Thanks @foresight-tom and @MJP for the questions!

To the best of our knowledge, the Grant instruction you’re mentioning (that requires creating a register and a config a priori) is not working properly via Realms.
We’ve reported these bugs to the Realms (although it might not be in Streamflow’s best interest)

Even if it worked as advertised, the “keeper” (as @foresight-tom put it) is a powerful differentiation, as it means Serum can give a vested token grant to CEX address, custodian wallet, multisig, or other DAO, no limits practically as there’s no manual “claiming”.

And in addition, Serum can hold the grantee accountable throughout the time and potentially “cancel” the grant if things go downside.

Regarding the MJP’s question regarding the cost, it’s super important to mention that our fee (generally 0.25%, but we’ve applied 20% discount for Serum in the next 3 months) is also vested throughout the duration of the grant AND Streamflow doesn’t sell its treasury tokens, and don’t plan to do so in the foreseeable future, so it’s in our best interest for SRM to appreciate in price.

And we use this cost to keep actively improving Streamflow and we’re open to feature requests that would provide additional value.

Let me know if you have other questions!